The Finland Menu

Finland, country of endless forests and clean nature! Come and try our unique and original flavours: we serve home smoked salmon, reindeer or chanterelle quiche and blueberry pie and of course some special beverages. A sustainable, healthy and tasty choice! With us you can taste the pure North!

Smoked salmon with potato salad

A tasty piece of salmon hot smoked by our chefs. Served with a traditional Finnish potato salad.

Reindeer or chanterelle quiche

Reindeer lives in Lapland and it’s a close relative to a deer but its flavor is more distinctive. Reindeer meat is considered a rare delicacy in Finland.  Chanterelle gives its nutty and woody flavor to our vegetarian quiche. A true taste from Nature!

Blueberry pie

A tasty dessert for after your meal: creamy pie made with real forest blueberries. Can’t find a more Nordic treat than our home baked blueberry pie!

Blueberry mimosa

A sophisticated, almost healthy drink made with superfood blueberries and sparkling wine. Enjoy!

Hartwall Long Drink

A grapefruit and gin based drink which was originally made for the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. Still the nation’s most popular beverage in Finland. Very refreshing – unlike anything you have tasted before!