Welcome to Lithuania, a country of Northern Europe but also Europe‘s geographical center! Meet us at the Embassy Festival and ask us everything you ever wanted to know about our beautiful country! We will invite you to taste Lithuanian specialties – like black rye bread, tree cake, mushroom shaped cookies, local beers and other goodies you might have never tasted before. Made with plenty of love, using recipes and techniques that have survived over the centuries.

Ready to travel to Lithuania? Did you know that Lithuania’s second-largest city Kaunas is European Capital of Culture 2022? Check out the programme.


Photo credit: Marius Jovaiša


CREATIVE ARENA 16:20 - 16:50 Kanklės (pronounced [ˈkʌŋkles]). Is a Lithuanian plucked string musical instrument (chordophone), of the zither family.

This embassy will be showcasing her culture at the International Market of the Embassy Festival 2022! Come and visit them