Aztec dances from Mexico

Dance group “Xochiquetzal” from Mexico performe two Aztec dances, which are called “The new fire” and “The dance of the white eagle”. Before the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, the Aztecs performed dances to celebrate their gods. When the Spanish arrived, they requested to dance for the Catholic Saints instead. Nowadays, Aztecs groups of Concheros continue to dance for the Catholic Saints in the Atrium of Churches. What you see, is the way to represent what Aztecs were before.

“The new fire” dance was performed every 52 years, when Aztecs thought the world was coming to an end. If the world did not end, they would start over full of joy and filled with a new fire. The second dance is a “Concheros” dance, that fills you with energy thanks to the feathers, for example, and to the movements.