Finnish Reflector

Reflectors for pedestrians are a Finnish invention by a farmer, Arvi Lehti, in the turn of the 1940´s. During winter and late autumn, evenings and nights in Finland are pitch dark. Also here in the Netherlands, it can be very hard for the drivers and cyclists to notice pedestrians against the wet asphalt. An example: A driver with long-range headlights can see a pedestrian with a reflector from a distance of 600 meters – without a reflector only from about 150 meters. The best place to wear it is have it on your right side, 50 cm from the ground.

These particular reflectors have images of the official Finland emojis. Finland was the first country in the world to publish its own set of country themed emojis – for example the Headbanger, Superfood (bilberry) and Girl power, that appear in the reflectors. The emojis explain different Finnish emotions, words and customs – some more hard-to-describe than others. Learn more about the Finland emojis from: