Ukraine is a very vivid country, one of the biggest European countries in the geographical center of Europe, the land of beautiful nature, ancient culture, rich traditions and unique historical and architectural monuments. There are few places on our planet with a climate as favourable for living, and a soil as fertile as in Ukraine with its unique black earth. Ukraine is the country, where people are always happy to meet their guests, the country where you will be met with smile and sincere Ukrainian hospitality.


Ukrainian cuisine is known for its delicious tastes, traditional cooking technologies and generous ways to serve guests. It is an

This embassy has submitted a recipe that is part of the recipe booklet! The Embassy Festival recipe booklet is put

Vocal ensemble “Chervoni Korali” (red choral - typical Ukrainian necklace) unites amateur singers who live in The Netherlands, love to

Spring Triptych is based on three traditional Ukrainian Spring Carols. Where you start singing all alone in a field -

Ivana Kupala - the longest day of the year - the highest flowering of all the forces of nature. The

Borscht is often considered the pillar of Ukrainian cuisine. This famous soup is served in every corner of the country