Mexico is one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations, not only for its rich culture, ancient history, colorful traditions, delicious regional cuisines, and the warmth of its people, but also for the beauty and variety of natural sites throughout its entire territory. Several of these traditions and sites are listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Whether your travel plan is to explore and discover new adventures or simply to relax, Mexico offers unlimited choices of places to admire and enjoy, so come and visit México!


Dance group “Xochiquetzal” from Mexico wil performe during the Embassy Festival Experience. Expect tradtional Aztec dances such as 'the new

Dance group “Xochiquetzal” from Mexico performe two Aztec dances, which are called “The new fire” and “The dance of the

In 2016 the Mexican band Sindicato Sonico got everyone to start dancing with their music during the Embassy Festival. This