How to make Pupusas

In El Salvador, the dish is usually eaten for breakfast or dinner. Salvadorans eat them with their hands. Don’t be afraid to try it, do not use cutlery. It needs to be served with nothing more than sauce and curtido. Depending on the filling, pupusas can be vegan, vegetarian and gluten free, since the dough is made with corn or rice. 


The most traditional fillings of a Pupusa are cheese and beans, chicharron (pork) or cheese with loroco (a Salvadoran flower). A filling with chicken, pepperoni, garlic and other varieties is becoming more common to eat. In April 2005, the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly declared pupusas as the national dish of El Salvador and every second Sunday of November is National Pupusas Day. For many families, it’s common to go to a pupuseria weekly or even daily.