Introducing the 10 New Bali from Indonesia, unique destinations and investment opportunities in Indonesia. Inspired by the experience and fame of Bali, these 10 new tourism destinations have been developed as priorities, including its infrastructures facilities. They are located across the archipelago from the islands of Sumatera, Java, Lombok, East Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi and North Maluku. The 10 New Bali are Lake Toba, Belitung (Tanjung Kelayang), Tanung Lesung Beach, Thousand Islands, Borobudur/Prambanan Temples, Mount Bromo, Mandalika Lombok, Komodo National Parks, Wakatobi Islands, and Morotai Island. As a maritime nation spanning across three different time zones and blessed with over 17 thousand islands with very unique cultural diversity, Indonesia offers special tourism and investment destinations to be as unique as the world’s famous, BALI. The 10 destinations are only a few out of hundreds, if not thousands of unique destinations in Indonesia. Supporting infrastructures, such as airports, hotels, and roads have been developed by the Government so as to enable all destinations to be ready to welcome visitors and investors. The 10 New Bali is ready to welcome you!


CREATIVE ARENA 17:40 - 17:50 As shown in the name, 'Wonderful Indonesia' dance combines dance elements from every part of Indonesia

This embassy will be showcasing her culture at the International Market of the Embassy Festival 2022! Come and visit them

Andaliman Chicken is cooked chicken in spices with Andaliman (Zanthoxylum acanthopodium DC) as the notable spice. Andaliman is a close relative of Sichuan pepper

Renggong Manis Dance is a traditional dance from Betawi, an ethnic from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.   This dance is