Republic of Moldova

The Republic of Moldova, underexplored destination in Southeastern Europe with a size near to the Netherlands’s, it has always been described as a place welcoming traveler. It is a country of genuine, most hospitable people, of rich cultural traditions and delicious cuisine, full of natural flavors of fruits, vegetables, and home to legendary wines. Moldova is a pastoral place with fertile soils and sunny climate at the historic routes linking Europe and Asia, making it authentic in every details.


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Colac is a traditional braided bread from Moldova, in a form of a ring, always made for special occasions or

We are thrilled to have had the chance to talk to Ms. Tatiana Parvu, Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova.

This embassy has submitted a recipe that is part of the recipe booklet! The Embassy Festival recipe booklet is put

Château Vartely is a young and ambitious wine producer, located in Orhei in the heart of Moldova. Rară Neagră (translated:

This wine is made from the Viorica grape - an indigenous grape that has been planted in Moldova since 1969,

Acacia honey is a very runny honey. In Moldova you have many Acacia forests. By placing hives in these forests,