Republic of Moldova

The Republic of Moldova celebrates in 2021 the 30th anniversary since the proclamation of its Independence. Located in in Southeastern Europe, it is a country with captivating history, reach and diverse cultural traditions, delicious, full of natural flavors cuisine, it is home to genuinely hospitable people. Many modern customs and traditions of the country are a mixture of ancient Geto-Dacian and other cultural civilizations like the Greeks, Romans, Slavic. Alongside with its natural wealth and beauties, Moldova is well known for its wines, with wine cellars as big as hundred km underground, rightly listed by Guinness Book.


LOGO-VLAG Rep. Moldova

Republic of Moldova is known for its tasty food and famous wineries. We offer bio-chocolates made with passion from local

Colac is a traditional braided bread from Moldova, in a form of a ring, always made for special occasions or

We are thrilled to have had the chance to talk to Ms. Tatiana Parvu, Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova.