Kolkha Saperavi

This Kolkha Saperavi is a full-blooded Saperavi wine: powerful, with tasty soft tannins and hints of blackcurrant in the background. A real Georgian taste experience!  This delicious Kolkha Saperavi is made from the Saperavi grape. The vineyard is located in the Kakheti region in eastern Georgia at about 500 meters above sea level.The Saperavi grape is not without reason the best known and most cultivated grape of the country, it is the basis of many excellent wines which are mainly produced in the Kakheti region. This Kolkha wine is also a real Saperavi: deep red in color. She has a soft texture with aromas of red fruit and also a distant hint of oak. The finish has a finish of soft tannins. The wine combines well with grilled meat, game or a powerful cheese.