Bolivia is a democratic, plurinationaland multilingual country placed in the heart of south America, the last 15 years, it become the fastest-growing economy in the region. The diverse landscapes and climates of Bolivia range from high plateaus and snowcapped mountains as tall as 6.500 metersto low –lying wetlands and forestup to the Amazon at 130 meters above sea level.

The territory of Bolivia is among the fifteen countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world. It represents 0.2% of the world’s surface and is home to around 40% of the world’s biological diversity, with 12 ecoregions that can be subdivided into 23 sub ecoregions.Bolivia is known for its amazing natural placesandtourist destinations, and cultural diversity, when you visit the embassy you will fell a little bit of the art and culture, we will be waiting for you.


Dance Group Bolivia Minka exists for 25 years and is dedicated to the service and promotion of Bolivian folklore in

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