Chile invites you to get to know its crazy geography from the driest desert in the north to the ancient glaciers in the far south, from the Andes Mountains Range crossing trough the Patagonian lands to the long Pacific and southern coast. Extensive valleys that produce world-class wines, native forests, lakes, rivers and plains of exceptional colors are part of the scenes that frame the experience of the country of contrasts that is fully connected to its nature.



The young pianist / composer Tomás Mauro (20) was born and raised in Utrecht. He is the son of a

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The Republic of Chile is such a beautiful and lively country with so much culture to explore, that we were

A great blend showing what the Carmenere Grape, Chile’s Iconic variety, can show together with a classic like Cab

Montes’ best selling wine world wide. A true expression of Chilean Cab Sauvignon from the Colchagua Valley.

Extra virgin olive oil with Rica Rica. In the central southern zone of Chile, in the middle of vineyards, this

Extra virgin olive oil from Chile with merquén (chili, coriander seeds, cumin and salt). It is ideal to season any

In the middle of the driest desert in the world, in the Atacama Salt Mine, the biggest in Chile, our

Merquén is a spice used by Mapuche (ethnic group originating in Chile), elaborated from “cacho de cabra” pepper, and mixed