Estonia is a lovely state in Northern Europe. Estonians are very proud of their country´s pure nature – nearly 50% of the country is forest and really the best place to be to boost one´s energy levels. It is one of the least densely populated places in Europe and oh, how magical it is to enjoy some space and listen to your own thoughts (for example on one of the country´s + 2000 islands). And to balance this with some serious innovation, Estonia is also a digital society implementing modern e-governance.


Photo credits: Karl Ander Adami


This embassy will be part of the Embassy Festival Tour on Friday 2 September. The Embassy Festival Tour is your opportunity

At the Estonian Embassy, we ́ll let you see, hear and taste a little bit of Estonia! We will dedicate most of the programme to the rich history and meaning of singing in our Nordic culture. The Estonian Song Festival is a tradition, also listed in UNESCO listed treasures, that dates back to the year 1869. It has helped the Estonian people to move towards common goals through very different times while also being an anchor that brings Estonians around the world together and connects them with their homeland. In addition to all that inspiring singing you will also get to taste some Estonian flavours at the embassy. Be prepared for some delicious surprises!