Republic of Korea

Republic of Korea (South Korea) is a dynamic and lively country in Northeast Asia. Today, Korea is particularly well known to the world for its culture, including k-pop, k-drama, and k-beauty. Koreans are also proud of its delicious food, beautiful sceneries, and rich historic heritage.  The Korean Embassy is excited to participate in the Embassy Festival for the second time this year. Learn about Korean cuisine, language, traditional clothing Hanbok, traditional crafts, k-pop, and fall in love with Korea!


Welcome to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea! 환영합니다! We are so excited to welcome you on this tour!

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Namul (Korean: 나물) refers to a variety of seasoned vegetables served with rice as a side dish. Virtually any type

Discover the beauty of Hanji with our Hanji artcraft workshop! Hanji is a Korean hand-made traditional paper, made from the

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