Palestine, the Holy Land, is the birthplace of Jesus Christ and the homeland of the three monotheistic religions. Palestine offers a myriad of religious, historical, and archeological sites. We have a rich culture and heritage that features music, literature, handicrafts, dance, film, art and food. In Palestine, you can enjoy a unique experience where you can explore a rich history, colorful culture, mouthwatering food, pristine nature and immerse yourself with our warm hospitality and generosity despite our limited resources. It is a destination place for responsible tourism and unforgettable friendships. Our mottos are, we love life & our existence is resistance.


This year we are happy to have Ms Inas Maes, as our food caterer at the festival. Inas likes to contribute to building communication bridges between cultures with her cooking workshops. By using her Palestinian heritage, she introduces Palestinian culture, traditions, and food to bring people closer. We can’t wait for you to have a taste of Palestine through her mouthwatering food. We are also happy to bring Watan Dabkeh dance group to the festival this year who will be performing our traditional Palestinian dance dabkeh. Don’t miss them. And our vendor will be selling handmade Palestinian products that we hope you enjoy!


Want to know how to make the tradition Palestinian dish Makloubeh? The dish is pronounced Ma’loubeh and literally translates into

Palestine has been a participant at the Embassy Festival for many years. Something we’re very proud of. Ambassador Rawan Sulaiman