Finland – the happiest country in the world – is the country of equality and democracy, social innovations, functional and sustainable solutions and world-class education system. It is also the country of endless nature: the northern lights, shimmering snow, nightless nights in the summer, green forests and thousands of lakes. It is a well-functioning country with lively cultural life where people like to pick their berries and mushrooms, catch their own fish and grow their veggies. The arctic climate has given the Finns “sisu” (guts) and the unique relationship with nature.


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Reflectors for pedestrians are a Finnish invention by a farmer, Arvi Lehti, in the turn of the 1940´s. During winter

Finnish Crepes are very easy to make, they are perfect for a morning breakfast, as a dessert or with afternoon

This embassy has submitted a recipe that is part of the recipe booklet! The Embassy Festival recipe booklet is put

Are you ready for the hot stuff from Finland? This is one of our most loved candies, hot and peppery.

The Finnish Cloudberry is rich in vitamin C, even 3-4 times more than an orange! It also includes vitamin E,

The Finnish Hartwall Original Long Drink was born during the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. It is still produced according to its