VIETNAM | Embassy Festival 2018
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International Market

Vietnam is a land of beautiful nature and a paradise of street food. Green grass and rice fields, blue sea and sky, long rivers and aquaculture, hardworking and friendly people are the characters that you can find from the North to the South of Vietnam. This autumn, the locals are happy to offer you delicious street foods: fresh spring rolls, the world-famous banh mi sandwich, crunchy spring rolls, banh xeo-a crispy crepe bulging with pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts… and more.
– Light and healthy fresh spring rolls are a wholesome choice when you’ve been eating too much of the fried food
– Banh xeo is a crepe you won’t forget
– Crunchy Spring rolls are a traditional twist
– Banh mi is the top choice when it comes to lunchtime. The French may have brought with them the baguette, but Vietnam takes it to a different level.

Our chef also prepare local dessert which can be served in either a bowl or a glass. Best had when you’re craving something cool sweet on a hot and sunny day in The Hague.
Come and enjoy our culture, taste our foods and dessert, and have a happy day ever!