International Culture in The Hague: Drama class | Embassy Festival 2018
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International Culture in The Hague: Drama class


15:25 - 15:45

Container stage, Saturday 1 September, Stages

Amusement is what you’ll find at the Container Stage. Lots of it! During this show the drama class will be performing a short sketch from the play ‘Pigeon English’ by Stephan Kelman. Monologues written by the students themselves include the characters Marilyn Monroe, Margaret Thatcher, Donald Trump and Eva Perron.  Short love poems found on the internet will be performed and improvised movement scenes will depict emotional states. Make sure you don’t miss this!


This performance is part of the ‘International Culture in The Hague’ programme. Visit the market stand hosted by STET (no. 1) right across the Container Stage if you get exited to see more or even to particpate in international culture clubs in The Hague.