International Culture in The Hague: AATG teaser | Embassy Festival 2018
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International Culture in The Hague: AATG teaser


12:00 - 12:15

Container stage, Saturday 1 September, Stages

Crazy about theatre? Always wanted to start your dance, singing, acting or painting career? Or maybe you’re more suited for the set design or lights, sound, costume or make-up department? The AATG (Anglo-American Theatre Group) will always have a spot for you and at the Embassy Festival they’ll offer a sneak peak to what they have to offer. All ages and nationalities are welcome and it’s ok if you have no experience, but also if you have a ton! Come and watch the teaser they’ll perform at the Container Stage, because you’ll be sorry if you’ve missed your chance to shine if you don’t! They’ll also have a stand where you can learn more about the possibilities. Could this be the start of a new career?

This performance is part of the ‘International Culture in The Hague’ programme. Visit the market stand hosted by STET (no. 1) right across the Container Stage if you get exited to see more or even to particpate in international culture clubs in The Hague.