AFGHANISTAN | Embassy Festival 2018
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International Market

Get a taste of the Afghan culture at their stand on our International Market!

The history of Afghanistan dates back thousands of years. Ancient works have remained, many of which can be seen in the museums of Afghanistan, for example the Kabul Museum, the National Archives, the Treasury of Gold, the “Golden Hills”” and the palaces. There are also points of interest like Raza Sakhi in Balkh, Bala Hessar and Babur Garden in Kabul, the statues of Buddha and the national reservate of Banda Amir in Bamyan and the Arc of Herat, and many tombs, mosques and hundreds of historical monuments elsewhere in Afghanistan, despite the years of war and destruction. Today, a large part of them is open for tourists.


Even in these days, Afghanistan still is, like it was in the days of the “Silk Road”, a commercial and economic bridge between Eastern Europe and Central Asia.